I teeter on the edge of bliss, depression leans in for a kiss.

16 September 1982
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My life is art, a perpetually cold in body temperature 28 year old vegetarian nymph.I have a baby named Charlie. His wings are growing in beautiful and silvery. My wings are small and indigo. Take me to the beach, don't be afraid, I only bite when I am in my comfort zone. I exist more on caffeine and sugar than actual food, my preference being being organic dark chocolate. I love tattoos, piercings, and other forms of body modification. That is all for now.
abstract and surrealistic art, accents, acid mother's temple, anatomy, androgyny, apoptygma berserk, art, b-movies like "blook freaks"!!!, banana milkshakes, bikini kill, biology, bjork, blood and cuts, body modification, botany, boys, breasts, bright eyes, bunnies, burns, butt hair, butter, caramel, carl sandburg, cat power, cats, cheap clothing, children, classic rock, convenience stores, culture, cuts, david bowie, death cab for cutie, dexters laboratory, diversity, ears, electricity, elephants, elliot smith, elton john, energy healing, enhydro quartz crystals, equality, esssspresso, ethnic foods, every tea that exists, existence, faith and the muse, fantomas, farting, femininity, flowers, foliage, foreign currency, frank zappa, freaking people out, friends, geneaology, genetics, girls, hats, heartbeats, heatmiser, hiding spots, him, honesty, human nature, hummus, inner beauty, innocent looks from girls, intimacy, japan, jawbreaker, jets to brazil, john lilly, juice, kinski, kisses, lacuna coil, large lollipops, laughter, le tigre, learning about everything, long hugs, loving everyone, loving looks from boys, making love not war, making noises, melt banana, mental illness, mercury, mike patton, milemarker, moonlight, mr bungle, naked city, narf, nightwish, odd ashtrays, otep, outlets, pain, pencils, pictures, piercings, pink floyd, plants and herbs, playing with people's hair, pleasure, poetry, psychology, pushing limits, quantum theory, raisins, ray bradbury, reading, real conversation, reikki, rilo kiley, robert anton wilson, rumi, salvador dali, sarcasm, scars, self preservation, smelling things, smiles, staying true to myself, stones, subliminal messaging, sushi, tantra, tattoos, tea, tears, the alpha atate, the human eye, theatre of tragedy, thinking, tom waits, truth, unpredictable happenings, veggies not meat, walk-in closets, water, weirdness, wesley willis, writing