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A chemical makeover

Hi, LJ!

So, I am getting off of Cymbalta because of the very bad side effects it was giving me. I am down to 10mg a day. Was on wellbutrin SR 400mg/day but that rapidly changed, once prescribed Adderall a week ago. Adderall + Wellbutrin = flying off the handle/snappy/very little patience. Minus the Wellbutrin, things seem to be going ok. My primary concerns with the Adderall are the side effects I am experiencing: Muscle fatigue, joint aches, dizziness upon standing. Nothing I can't deal with but it dies kind of suck. I also take benzo's for my panic disorder and Inderal for my heart. Cymbalta was for depression, Wellbutrin for depression as well, Adderall for my ADD.

My apologies for such a clinical and emotionless post. I needed to write about chemicals, experiences and facts.


Mmmmm, Happy 2010

I am a bit manic, and just got through cleaning the room, and I am halfway through the bathroom. Taking a break is niiiice, lying on my tummy and typing on the sweet sweet computer screen.

I miss you, James.

I have been flooded with memories lately, and dreams. We had a lot of interesting and meaningful times together. Sorry I have been so uncommunicative. <3


I miss you like crazy. Crouched on my bed, half gazing at my hands as I type, my heart speaks volumes to me. Encrypted whispers in my head, and they all sound like giggles, chirps and love-born melodies from a Bird.
I do not believe that my dreams could be any more packed with stories and adventures that we have yet to share. I  want/need to fly to you, my baby and I, and to gently help you hold my hand and fly back to this Puddle-Town nest.

My baby is awesome.

Hehe, the father broke up with me for the third time, but it was a pseudo -relationship from the start. I just let him manipulate me. (sigh) My conditioning has taught me to go after men as some sort of control mechanism, when all I really want is a woman in my life.

Charlie is 10 months old now, loud and happy, cutting teeth, roly-poly and giggly.
I love my little cuddle-bug.


Things have changed...I am now 4 months pregnant, (actually that is perfectly accurate, 16 weeks today) and filled with happiness, fear and water weight. The father and I are having difficulties right now, and there is a 50% chance that the baby will have Huntington's disease. (One of the rare and incurable fatal ones, of course)
Sooo, among the mood swings, nausea that still hasn't let up and growing belly, I am still staying strong.

See thoughts. See thoughts run.

Lonely, lonely, lonely me. I sould start putting my poetry up on here like I used to on LJ. :)

So many many things...

Transpiring as of late. My living situation is about to change because my ex boyfriend (who lives with me right now) and I got into a fight about a week and a half ago. It ended with me sporting a black eye for a week, so he needs to go.
Work, new job, call center, bleech, whatever. I met a really awesome girl there and we have been hanging out a lot.
I should post more I know, but this is all I have right now.

I'm back!

My old journal (Jasminepearls) has been deleted, I guess because I was inactive for too long. (???) To any friends I had on there, please get back in touch with me!